At Metropolitan Services Inc, we are factory authorized to service over 10 high-end manufactures, we do this with vary high standards. Each of our technicians has over 10 years of experience in the trade. They use only the highest quality tools and equipment to do there job efficiently. Our technicians are also given new laptops with wireless access to enable them access to all the up to date service manuals, service bulletins, parts breakdowns, part availability, recalls, warranty information, and more that they may need to effectively compete the job.Your home is an investment, that is why we have all the protection needed  to complete the repairs needed without any damage to your investment.

You have the best appliances, why not use to best service providers.

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Metropolitan Services Inc is not a distributor, but we do acquire quality appliances at a discounted price that may be showroom floor models, scratch n dent, or a product that is being disposed of well before its time. We do this to save those customers that just weren't prepared to buy a new appliance due to the fact that their part is no longer available or the unit is just to old to repair. Every appliance purchase by us is thoroughly inspected by our senior technician to ensure the product is working to its optimal performance before the unit is listed or sold. All appliances sold by us are also warranted for 1-2 years depending on the type of appliance. All service is performed  by the excellent service technicians our company is known for.

We only sell products that will exceed your expectations.

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You made an investment by purchasing your product, let use make sure your investment is well maintained. We offer this service to ensure you get the maintenance your product needs to get the full life expectancy out of the product . Our maintenance packages are performed by one of our senior service technicians to ensure nothing is overlooked. Our maintenance packages include thoroughly evaluating the functional parts and operations, running any cleaning agent available through the product if available for the appliance and much more. Our recommendations are given with expertise to ensure the longevity of the product.

Spend a little to save a lot.


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